Find your way around…

Here’s the quickest way to navigate in QuickBooks.

The navigation bar on the left shows a menu of items.
Click Transactions to see related sub-items (like Banking).
Click the magnifying glass to find past transactions.
Click the Create (+) icon to add any transaction.
View a list of recent transactions.
Click the Gear icon to manage your subscription, users, companies, and settings.
Click the Help (?) icon to get help information.

Customise and Send Invoice…

It’s easy to create and customise beautiful invoices to send to your customers.

Click the Create (+) icon and select Invoice.
Fill in the invoice form.
Click Customise at the bottom of the form to open the customise window.
Upload your logo and customise the look of your invoice.
Click Save to save your customisations.
Click Print or Preview to see how the invoice looks.
Click Save and send.

Receive a Payment…

QuickBooks keeps you organised by helping you collect payments against customer invoices.

Click the Create (+) icon and select Receive Payment.
Select a customer from the list.
Fill in the rest of the Receive Payment form.
If the customer has outstanding invoices, they appear here so you can apply the payment to them.
Click Save and new.

Track Expenses…

Enter and categorise your business expenses so you are ready for tax time.

Click the Create (+) icon and select Expense.
Fill in the Expense form.
Select the account where you’re paying the expense from.
Optionally, choose a payment method.
Enter a reference number so it is easy to find later.
Include the account so QuickBooks categorises each line item.
Optionally, attach a document (like a receipt).
You can make this a recurring expense to save time later.
Click Save and new.

Manage your contacts…

Keep track of all of the people who are important to your business, from customers to suppliers to employees.

From the navigation bar, select Customers.
Add or import a customer.
Show or hide the Customer Money Bar.
Select multiple customers and apply a batch action (like Send statements) to all of them at once.
Sort the customer list by name, company, or balance.
Print or export the customer list.
Choose the columns you want to display.
Click a customer to see more details.
Create an invoice or other item for this customer.

Gain Insights with reports…

How’s your business doing? Monitor your company’s financial data with a variety of customisable reports.

From the navigation bar, click Reports.
Search for a specific report by name.
Click a recommended report, or choose another tab: Frequently Run, My Custom Reports, or All Reports.

Manage your business from anywhere…

QuickBooks can help you manage your business wherever you are. Available on the web, iPhone, iPad, and Android.